Paperbound Released on PS4, Steam and HumbleBundle


White Noise Wave recently had the pleasure of working with Dissident Logic on a 2D brawler featuring rapid action, inverted gravity and lots of addictive mayhem.Paperboundis a game we have been able to produce 18 original tracks for, including a main theme and several pieces tailored for the various levels, including Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Book of the Dead and Dante’s Inferno.

Paperbound.3 (1)

With the diversity between levels we were able to have a lot of fun experimenting with different sounds, instruments and tones to create a multi-layered portfolio of options for the team at Dissident Logic. The final result, including a collection of sound effects for swords, ink bombs and decapitations (all included under our role providing sound design) was released on PS4 on March 31st, followed quickly by Steam and Humble Bundle and is now available for purchase internationally. Check out ourportfolioto listen to the tracks we created for this game or buy the game and enjoy a battle crazed few hours with friends or on your own.