Brains Eden

At the end of June Chris was selected to be one of the mentors for Brains Eden Gaming Festival, a massive game jam and event held annually at Anglia Ruskin University’s Cambridge campus. This years event was sponsored by some of the biggest Companies in the industry including Guerrilla Cambridge, Jagex, PlayStation First and Unity.

150 students from around the world where split into 30 teams and challenged to create a game from scratch over the weekend. The finished prototypes was showcased on the final day of the event, with the best earning some great prizes for its team; such as freelance contracts to work at the Guerrilla Cambridge studio, five lifetime subscriptions to Develop magazine and five Unity Pro licences worth £1,000 each.

Over the weekend Chris provided valuable insight and feed back to the aspiring composers and sound designers present. He also assisted team in resolving any audio problems they encounter over the course of the jam.

The event culminated in a celebratory party hosted by Jagex at their studio. It was a laid back affair with many of the team getting a chance to speak with each other and the mentors while playing games and having pictures taken.