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Svarog: The Awakening coming to Mobile soon!

Svarog Epic

Svarog: The Awakening is on it’s way to mobile devices. The RPG based on Slavic mythology is being created by Bincode Entertainment. Both the Music and Sound Design for Svarog: The Awakening was created by White Noise Wave, some of the music which will feature in the game can be heard in the trailer. Bincode Entertainment hope to release Svarog: The Awakening in the coming months.



AUDIO B                                                                                                         VIDEO B

AstroKill is coming to early access!

AstroKill steam


The gritty space dog fighting game Astrokill will be heading to Steam early access this April. We are really excited to see what you all think about it, we love it to piece here at White Noise Wave! To pick up a copy to head to this link. For more information about Astrokill head to www.astrokill.com. In the mean time you can hear some of the music appearing in Astrokill in our audio section, Alternatively you can check out the latest trailer in our video section.



AUDIO B                                                                                                         VIDEO B

Traverse is Awarded an Unreal Engine Dev Grant!

Traverse apple_trees

We are please to announce that Mad Cow Studio has been Awarded an Unreal Engine Developer Grant for their excellent work on their upcoming title Traverse. Traverse is one of 30 title selected for their outstanding work in the Unreal engine, click here to see the full list. Mad Cow Studio will put the fund towards the continued development of Traverse which is currently set for an alpha release later this year.

You can keep up with the development of traverse at www.traverse.world


AUDIO B                                                                                                         VIDEO B

Brains Eden

At the end of June Chris was selected to be one of the mentors for Brains Eden Gaming Festival, a massive game jam and event held annually at Anglia Ruskin University’s Cambridge campus. This years event was sponsored by some of the biggest Companies in the industry including Guerrilla Cambridge, Jagex, PlayStation First and Unity.

150 students from around the world where split into 30 teams and challenged to create a game from scratch over the weekend. The finished prototypes was showcased on the final day of the event, with the best earning some great prizes for its team; such as freelance contracts to work at the Guerrilla Cambridge studio, five lifetime subscriptions to Develop magazine and five Unity Pro licences worth £1,000 each.

Over the weekend Chris provided valuable insight and feed back to the aspiring composers and sound designers present. He also assisted team in resolving any audio problems they encounter over the course of the jam.

The event culminated in a celebratory party hosted by Jagex at their studio. It was a laid back affair with many of the team getting a chance to speak with each other and the mentors while playing games and having pictures taken.


I’m very pleased to announce we are going to be at GDC Europe and Gamescom this year. Don’t be shy and feel free to say hello if you see us around, this will be our first GDC and we hope many more will follow in the coming years. We look forward to seeing you there!


Be sure to check out our portfolio to see what we are all about.




Rezzed egx

Back in March Chris used some of his down time to attend EGX Rezzed and compete in the Creative Assembly Game Jam. For those of you who haven’t heard of this Creative Assembly host an annual Game Jam at Rezzed in which teams of five compete to create the best game in a matter hours (8 hours to be exact). These games are then presented to a panel of judges with an audience on the final day of Rezzed. This year’s panel consisted of Gary Napper, Design Director at Creative Assemble; Keith Stuart, games editor at The Guardian; Jonathan Haynes, web news editor also at The Guardian (guess which media outlet sponsored the Game Jam); and Colin McComb, American writer and game designer. Each team consists of professionals and talented up-and-comers in the gaming industry who handle a particular part of game development and at the start of the competition they are given several current news events (again, sponsored by the Guardian so the news element here is key) to choose in order to base their game upon this event. Chris’ team, Ultra Testibus decided to base their game upon the Ed Miliband (former British politician) bid to cut energy bills and began their fight against the clock to produce a fun and high energy game in eight hours.

The first step was choosing a style and method of reflecting the energy cuts. The group decided on a local multi player in which 2 players (Ed and David Miliband) compete to slash literal bills using samurai swords, they then also incorporated crowd interaction with software that turned the noise of cheers or boos into the pace at which the bills were thrown (in other words, the louder the crowd-the more paper bills the characters had to slash). To reflect the ninja theme Chris composed music with an Eastern theme, using traditional Japanese instruments but with an undertone of Hip Hop. After the music Chris then worked on sound design, creating the whoosh leaping sounds and swift slicing effects. He then assisted programmers in determining how to best configure the condenser microphone to record crowd interaction levels to a very true representation. This concludes Chris’ part in the development and he then went on to provide his own special voice acting for the opening monologue for their presentation (any and all hysterical laughing was completely scripted and not a mistake..he did his best).


Ultra Testibus were named the winners of the Game Jam and awarded a feature in The Guardian along with games and t-shirts from Creative Assembly. For anyone that would like to see Chris’ spectacular acting debut as well as many talented people creating terrific games under a lot of pressure please enjoy the entire event here: Game Jam

Paperbound Released on PS4, Steam and HumbleBundle


White Noise Wave recently had the pleasure of working with Dissident Logic on a 2D brawler featuring rapid action, inverted gravity and lots of addictive mayhem.Paperboundis a game we have been able to produce 18 original tracks for, including a main theme and several pieces tailored for the various levels, including Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Book of the Dead and Dante’s Inferno.

Paperbound.3 (1)

With the diversity between levels we were able to have a lot of fun experimenting with different sounds, instruments and tones to create a multi-layered portfolio of options for the team at Dissident Logic. The final result, including a collection of sound effects for swords, ink bombs and decapitations (all included under our role providing sound design) was released on PS4 on March 31st, followed quickly by Steam and Humble Bundle and is now available for purchase internationally. Check out ourportfolioto listen to the tracks we created for this game or buy the game and enjoy a battle crazed few hours with friends or on your own.

Dovetail Strings

We are extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Dovetail strings! We have used Dovetail’s products for quite sometime now and we are very happy to be about to work even closer with them going forwards.

DT logo

The future looks bright, with more announcement to come soon.



News Page

White Noise Wave is pleased to announce that we are launching this news page which will act as a Primary hub for all new news and update. As well as this we about to immerse ourselves fully into the world of social media with all new Facebook and Twitter accounts being launched as we speak. You can find these pages by clicking on their respective logos on the bottom on the page.

The end of 2014 looks to be a busy period for us and we look forward to bring exciting news and updates as we continue to expand and grow.


More update to follow quickly,